The Master Samurai Tech Library

In addition to our best-in-the-business appliance repair training courses, we offer tons of useful resources for appliance repair businesses and technicians, from the forums and wiring diagrams at Appliantology.org to the webinars and podcasts on our Samurai Talks Shop blog. To help you and your company be the best in your market, we’ve started publishing ebooks that expand on our most popular articles. Browse our growing library and download an ebook today.

Guide to Advanced Refrigerator Repair

This free guide is a select collection of our top refrigerator repair articles, featuring next-level skills and techniques that will increase what you earn as an appliance repair technician.

How to Build a Tech from Scratch

Recruiting good, experienced technicians is hard. Building an in-house training program to increase your number of high-performing technicians is the easy and cost-effective solution.