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csr Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.7 based on 26 reviews.
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This course is designed for appliance service office staff, including customer service representatives and call center representatives. It will teach the basics of appliances and acts as a reference guide for office staff to consult while on-the-job. Learn how to “talk the talk” with customers to put them at ease while you gather critical information for the technician.

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Course Syllabus

7 modules and 33 units Est. time to complete: 7-12 hours

Module 1: Getting Started4 Units

Receive your introduction to appliance repair, including the basics of electricity and gas.

Module 2: Refrigerators9 Units

Learn the basics of how refrigerators work, their common problems, and what to ask customers.

Module 3: Washing Machines6 Units

Learn how top and front-load washers work, their common problems, and what to ask customers.

Module 4: Dryers4 Units

Learn how gas and electric dryers work, their common problems, and what to ask customers.

Module 5: Ranges and Ovens5 Units

Learn how gas and electric cooking appliances work, their common problems, and what to ask customers.

Module 6: Dishwashers2 Units

Learn the basics of how dishwashers work, their common problems, and what to ask customers.

Module 7: Communications and Customer Service4 Units

Wrap up your training with a thorough overview of how to handle communications with customers.
csr Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.7 based on 26 reviews.
5 1

The course was excellent. I had about 8 months of experience on the job before taking the course (absolutely no experience in customer service or appliances before that). The study guides were great, it helped to go back through the reading again after the first read in order to create the study guide and categorize/list everything. The quizzes were excellent reading comprehension tests. There were a few "gotcha" questions which aren't necessarily bad, but can be frustrating. There were a couple quiz questions (I don't remember specifics) that used a term or terminology that wasn't present in the reading. The concepts were relevant but sometimes the wording wasn't a match. That may have been intentional as the terminology in the business is extremely varied. None of it seemed like a waste of time and I learned a lot in every section. The only thing I wished for that wasn't present was some information on how to deal with do-it-yourself customers buying parts over the counter. Although it is literally impossible (and absolutely not my job) to guide people through repairing their appliances at the store. So I'm not sure what could be said about dealing with that customer, but I have to deal with them everyday.
- Chris Carter

This was self explanatory, provides excellent detail in every appliance and each part of it, it made easy and fast to learn.
- Rosa Tapia

Good training material. Very informative and detailed.
- Reyniel Soto
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Improve Customer Satisfaction with Every Phone Call

Service representatives play an essential role in every successful appliance repair company by supporting both the customer and the technician assigned to their ticket. On the first call, an ace customer service representative (CSR) puts potential customers at ease with their expertise, building trust in the company and, by extension, the technician who’ll service their appliance.

At the same time, CSRs gather critical info for the service ticket by asking relevant questions, giving the technician more information to work with when preparing for the appointment. Customers want quick and efficient resolutions, and leading with the right questions can result in more first-call completes.

This course is designed to be an ongoing resource for office staff, such as customer service representatives, teaching them just enough about appliances to be dangerous. Included in the course are 15 study guides, which the trainee can use as a reference guide throughout the course and beyond. In fact, we expect trainees to return to the material a lot in the first year, until they’ve mastered how to earn 5-star reviews every time.