Team Samurai is honored that so many technicians and appliance repair companies have chosen our online school for their training. We are even more gratified by the enthusiastic feedback we get from our students.

If you are considering enrolling yourself or your techs in a Master Samurai Tech course, here are a few testimonials and corporate endorsements to guide you in your decision. Each course also has a robust pool of reviews that you can read.

Mr. Appliance LLC

In 2016, Mr. Appliance LLC, North America’s leading home and commercial appliance repair franchise system, chose Master Samurai Tech to be the exclusive provider of online technical training for their 200+ independent franchises.

“Scott and Susan [Team Samurai] believe that proper diagnosis has almost become a lost art in our industry and they want to bring it back. I believe every technician, regardless of skill level, could benefit from their courses. They’ve been a great partner for us by helping our franchisees hire the people they want and have the option for them to learn a valuable skill while giving our end customer the experience they deserve.” ~ Doug Rogers, Executive VP, Neighborly General Manager. Former President of Mr. Appliance LLC


Paul MacDonald, Former Director of Customer Service & Service, Yale Appliance & Lighting in Boston, MA

“Hiring a technician is hard, building one is even harder. Master Samurai Tech Academy provides cutting-edge training and education to train new and existing technicians in basic theory of appliance repair. MST helps us weed out those that shouldn’t become techs. We give all new hires 90 days to pass the MST Technician’s Bundle. Those that fail don’t make the team.

“MST works! The courses are thorough, comprehensive and relevant. The quizzes and final exam are tough and the teachers strict but not as tough as today’s appliances and the customers we serve. Customers deserve the best repairs, MST is the best on-line appliance repair training program. MST has helped us build 7 new techs in less time than we could have done on our own. We’re working on building 2 more with MST. We also use the Fundamentals course for skills updating of existing technicians.”


Todd Daganaar, President, Hometown Hero Appliance Repair

“I have taken other classes…. They are 5% of what you cover, and you do it better and more succinctly. The way things are approached in your course make sense, the order is logical, the explanations are thorough and sound, and you show a mastery of the underlying science behind the concepts that really shines through in your course.

“I firmly believe that these courses are the greatest thing that have ever happened in the appliance service industry, because they give a solid and thorough foundation for troubleshooting and repairing modern appliances.

“Prior to this, one had to pick up concepts here and there, though trial and error, correspondence courses, manufacturer training, YouTube videos, and rumors about how appliance components work that you heard from someone at the parts house who may not have graduated high school.

“I would recommend your Fundamentals course to anyone getting started in the industry, and I am enrolling every new apprentice that I hire. All of my existing techs are taking it, even the ones who did college degrees in HVACR and other related trades. If you can get the word out and get other business owners and technicians to understand the value of this course, you will elevate the expertise and professionalism of the industry in a way that has never been done.”


Brandon Tidwell, Owner, All Better Appliance

“We have, like many companies, not been able to find trained technicians to work with us. We are only able to bring technicians in from other fields and industries making training always a challenge. The general practice of riding with a senior technician is still the industry standard for most companies at least in my area.

“We started last year with our new guys using the Master Samurai Tech school to give them a good foundation in appliance repair before riding with a technician. Not only have we seen a better and faster career trajectory with everyone we have put through the school, but they are able to function on their own much faster with the fundamentals of electricity etc. that the Samurai teaches.

“We averaged 4-5 months riding with someone before we would let them go in houses alone before Samurai Tech, after we are averaging about 45 days. This is better for us both as an employer and for the employee because the earning potential changes dramatically when going from trainee to technician.

“I would recommend anyone on the fence about Samurai Tech to take the leap. It saves us a minimum of 1-2 months per person between training and ready to earn. The class pays for itself in 1 month of being in the field alone. In my opinion it’s the best value in new hire training and we will use it for everyone going forward.”

John Frary, J T Appliance Service, Los Alamos, NM

“The Fundamentals course has helped a great deal. I was really struggling in the first part of the year with my repairs and didn’t know if I was going to stay in business! But now I’m more prepared for my jobs and I’m taking the time to be more analytical. The cash is flowing now!”


George Davis, technician, Mr. Appliance of So. Massachusetts

“I truly enjoyed the course and looked forward every evening when I could spend time with it. I’ve learned a lot, even though I’ve been doing this some 16 years. The course filled in quite a few gaps in knowledge. I look forward to continuing with my studies and achieving certification with you folks. Keep up the awesome work. You guys are truly making a difference in the repair business!”


Gary Hurley, technician, Ken’s Appliance, Grand Island, NE

“Thank you very much. I am enjoying it and learning A LOT of information. Thank you sooooooo much for your time and assistance. You guys are doing a great thing and are making learning as fun as it can be and I sincerely can not thank you enough!”


Dave Walthers, technician, Mr. Appliance of Rio Rancho, NM

“Thank you! And what an awesome course! I have been repairing appliances my whole life and these classes have really helped fill in a lot of “mysterious” corners. I was trained in Electricity and Electronics in the Navy 35 years ago and some of the things I didn’t quite get then are appearing in living color now.”


T.J. Fowler, Fowler’s Appliance Repair, IL

“I’m definitely enjoying the course. I nearly got stumped on a washing machine the other day, but used what I learned from MST to correctly diagnose it. Thanks for all you folks do!”


John Jones, Texas

“I have several years of experience in an industry that requires some of the same skills that are required in the appliance repair industry.

“I just finished all of the courses that you offer. Even with my previous experience, I still learned a lot and I enjoyed each one of the courses.

“These courses are packed with great information and will need to be reviewed several times to absorb it all.

“Thanks for your hard work in setting this up and making your knowledge available to us.”


Paul Pryor, St. Petersburg, FL

“I took the fundamentals course from Samurai Tech Academy and consider it one of the best investments in my appliance repair business. The lessons were clear and concise. Scott is able to take seemingly complex principles and break them down into easy to understand parts so that one can grasp the content and apply it immediately. I am looking forward to to enrolling in his others courses.”


Peter Onorio, Pete’s Appliance Service, West Babylon, NY

“I was one of the skeptical, seasoned veterans in the business. But [your training] has helped me to understand schematics much better and, more importantly, I have turned that understanding into money.”


Fred Teague, Arkansas

“I can not say enough how crucial the fundamentals course is to any one starting out. I took two different courses offered online. I can say that the samurai’s course was the one that I learned the most from. Fraction of the cost, exponentially more useful information. Would recommend to anyone looking to further their knowledge.”


Steven Hazen, St. Louis, MO

“The training has been great so far, I recently returned the Raker Appliance Academy program because the material didn’t include the latest technologies. This program is exactly what I was looking for. (A whole lot cheaper too).”


Chris Lewis, Sugarland,TX

“If you are wandering around the internet looking for a better education in this field just save yourself time and money and just go to the academy.The knowledge I gained from the fundamentals course helps me everyday in the field. I usually end up solving tricky problems that stomp some of my co workers. Don’t hesitate go for it you will be glad you did.”


Tyler Swanson, Oregon

“When I was looking for a place to learn appliance repair, I first looked for schools in my area. When I found out that the closest school would be states away, I then looked online. I am very glad I did. The schooling I’ve had on the Master Samurai Tech website has taught me more than anything I could have learned anywhere else. The way it’s formatted, mixed with the Samurai’s skill and expert levels of teaching make it the perfect place to learn professional appliance repair at your own pace. I feel like I’ve actually learned and taken to heart all of the information that the Samurai has offered. I constantly look forward to the next course that will be offered with great anticipation. Even if some physical school actually opened up in my area, I wouldn’t even bother. Everything I need is at Master Samurai Tech.”


Kevin Jennings, Jennings Enterprises, Springville, UT

“Earlier this year, I attended a hands-on appliance repair school in the Midwest and that was a great experience. I feel that The Samurai Tech Academy is a deeper and more detailed extension of that prior training at a much more affordable cost. As a future employer, I want something that is affordable and detailed so that my hard-to-find future employees will be able to grasp the big picture, and in return, be more profitable to my business and especially to our appliance customers.

“I have already learned a ton about FAST & ACCURATE diagnosing procedures from Samurai Tech. There is no better place to learn about electrical & electronic items than from The Master Technician, Scott, who is an electrical engineer. It is a fact that appliances of all kinds are incorporating more and more electronics – you don’t want to be labeled as “less than competent” in that category.

“Samurai Tech Academy is well worth the money, regardless of your previous training and experience. I will be signing up my new employees at Samurai Tech.”


Chris Dehnart

“In today’s economy/generation finding anyone who is proud of what they do and want to do it to the best of their abilities is few and far between. Scott’s efforts to create the Samurai Academy has really opened the doors for others (and myself) who are striving to better understand their careers, and be the best that we can be.”


Justin Duby, Just-in Time Appliance Repair, Grants Pass, OR

Even with 10 years of appliance repair experience under his belt, Justin knew he needed to find ways to keep his technical training current and up-to-date.

So he turned to the Master Samurai Tech himself, Scott Brown. Like many techs with busy families and working lives, the big challenge with professional development is schedule and availability to attend courses. For Justin, being able to take Samurai Tech Academy’s courses online in his own time was a big advantage.

Justin also felt that “the rigor of the coursework is great. There is a lot of info and it is very thorough. It’s so helpful I can schedule taking the training in my own time.”

Justin appreciates that there’s also a great community of masters and experts behind the education. In his own words, he says he has “loved the community of experts. The quality of education in so many ways – is unsurpassed.”


Patrick Shields, Pittsburgh, PA

With almost 20 years’ experience in his previous career in higher education, and a master’s degree under his experienced belt, Patrick Shields very quickly identified that Samurai Tech Academy offers a sophisticated quality of online education in the appliance repair world but accessibly priced.

Patrick bought his business 2 years ago and needed to further supplement his appliance repair knowledge. He says that, “their online classes are some of the best of any kind out there, not just appliance repair but other classes. It can be hard to teach online but Scott does it better than just about anyone out there.”

Patrick continued, “The material is written well, so it’s easily understandable—plus the info and data for the courses is great. Today it’s so easy to break something with all the different technologies being used in the various brands of appliances. With what I’ve learned I can now anticipate issues I wouldn’t have been aware of before.”